The Stem of Life

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As Frank Gorshin once said -”I am a man of few words, but many riddles.” I prefer transferring and sharing my ideas and thoughts through pictures and doodles. Especially when it comes down to abstract ideas. I understand it better this way and as many scientists nowadays conclude, the brain…


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In my last article “The Pubik’s Cube” I’ve presented the concept I designed for one of the assignments in my Digital Design programme. To sum up the assignment: Create 6 concepts 3 concepts to help people wake up 3 concepts to help people fall asleep Make a presentation Publish the…

Pubik’s Alarm

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It’s unexpected! It’s Pubik’s Alarm! You will love this baby! It looks awesome sitting besides your bed. And when you have your friends over, challenge or impress them with your solving skills! You’re the party Animal! Full of fine details based on the original design from the 1970’s. If you…

CSS3 – Part II

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PART 2 Second part of the assignment was, as you can tell, to use CSS3 to style the HTML5 code I presented in part 1.

HTML5 – Part I

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PART 1 One of the assignments received as a part of course at Digital Design programme in Kristianstad University, Sweden. The task was to “re-create” the information presented here using just HTML5, without any visual editing. You can click on the picture to see the results.